How it began

"Stichting Wereld Evangelisatie Nederland (WEN)" was founded on 18 March 2009. Evangelist Peter Hazenoot had the desire to see the lost as one big target group and to reach them with the lifealtering news that Jesus Christ died for sinners to bring salvation by His death and resurrection. He encountered the problem that many organizations focus on just one particular target group. If the  situation occurred that certain activities or projects didn't match/conform to their organization, (almost) nothing could be done.

A small group of friends and brothers frequently gathered in mid-2008 to pray for this issue. Peter Hazenoot was evangelist at "Landelijke Evangelisatie Stichting Naar House" at the time. This is where he met Jorim Rietdijk and they shared this same desire together. After a time of prayer, they moved to the constitution of the board for this new organization/foundation.

Born by prayers, carried by calling and supported by interdenominational, broad grassroots, the pioneering work has started of this new missionary organization and evangelism foundation: Wereld Evangelisatie Nederland (WEN).



Latest News


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