Peter HazenootMy name is Peter Hazenoot, I was born in 1983 and I am married to Madeleine. Jorim Rietdijk and I started praying for this ministry in October 2008. After a long time of prayer, God started opening doors and I am now able to serve God in this foundation. I am grateful to work as chairman on the board. It is very interesting to set out guidelines for the work of this foundation. I am grateful for this opportunity to grow and to develop myself in this part of the kingdom of God. It is my desire to serve listening and praying. The bible shows us leaders who serve God and the people (Moses, David, Gideon etc.) I hope and pray many will see the light of Gods glory. You can read more about my life elsewhere on this website.

Connected through Christ,

Peter Hazenoot


I am Johan- Krijn Klaasse, born in 1982 and married to Astrid. I live in Rijnsburg. We received a beautifulJohan Krijn Klaasse son in the summer of 2009. From profession, I am a manager at an optician (Pearl). I also follow the part-time program 'Management, Economics and Law' at the Hague University. Within the board of World Evangelism Netherlands, I fulfill the role of Secretary. I am fully involved with this organization as it aims to tell about the loving grace of God in Jesus Christ to all people; young and old, poor or rich, colored or white. He is our origin, He who has made us is our goal to live for. My wish is that all people may hear of the grace of Christ and that they will be changed by it.


I am Jorim Rietdijk and I live in Dordrecht. I am a member of the Evangelical Church 'Joshua' in DordrechtJorim Rietdijk. Within the board I fulfill the role as general board member. I also work as a nurse on call in the hospital. Together with the other board members, I want to devote myself to the purpose of this foundation: To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have seen a great need in the lives of many people I've met in Aruba. I see it as a privilege to be allowed to work for the proclamation of the gospel and to tell people that there is hope in Jesus Christ.

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