Madeleine HazenootMadeleine Hazenoot

Almost everyone will know that i come from the province Limburg after hearing my voice. I was born in 1986 and I became Peter's wife in 2009. My life has been turned upside down since then. We live in Sliedrecht at the moment, which means I moved away from the beautiful south. In the Netherlands I work as a home support worker at 'Stichting Philadelphia' (foundation). We travel to Aruba four months spread over the year to do mission work. We share the Gospel with prostitutes in the neighberhood of San Nicolas.

Before I started doing this work, I had a very preconceived view on prostitutes. This image changes after I went to Aruba. I started to know the prostitutes as young girls with the same age as me. They are in a desperate situation and every woman has her own story. We may be a listening ear to them, comfort and encourage them. These women often have children at a very younge age. Many husbands are not faithful. This often results in mothers having to take care of their children by themselves. It is very hard to find a job in Colombia. It seems like a dream when jobs are offered in different countries with plane tickets included. They believe they can earn lots of money for their family, buy a house and pay for the education of their children by working as a dancer, maid or as a playgirl. However, this dream turns into a nightmare. A bad dream that doesn't seem to end. They end up working behind bars and cockroach walking around. Many men use them as a sex object; worth for nothing other than sex. Men despise them and often make humiliating comments. These women are so ashamed but are too afraid to tell anybody, even to their own family. They are ashamed towards God about working as a prostitute.

I love to be able to tell these young women that God loves them. We tell them that Jesus died for them and that they are princesses and give them (fake) roses. A new world opens up for many. God will take care of us when we trust Him!

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