Vision and Mission

Our vision is to spread the Gospel of Christ to as many areas and nations as possible as one organization. We want to reach people around the world with the life-giving message of Jesus that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ.

We want to focus on one target audience: humanity. A project-based approach will have many advantages. For instance, people who have initiatives can contact us and together we will look into the possibilities of facilitating that particular initiative. No extra expenses or paperwork will have to be made, because this foundation has already provided the right conditions. This way we are able to direct our attention to practice and evangelization.

We can subdivide our vision into several important elements:

  1. God will be glorified and His Son will be praised. (Mal1:11)
  2. To equip, motivate and empower the Body of Christ, to bring Christ to the unreached peoples of the world. (Acts 9:31 en Matt 28:16-20)
  3. Performing the major task God had given us and to activate people to movement for His Kingdom. (Mark 16:15-16)

Our Lord himself saw how people were worn-out and hunted. He saw how they were living without a shepherd and he was compelled by compassion. If we look around us, we see many people being hunted and being worn-out. We see people wondering like a flock of sheep without a shephard and it has captured our hearts. It is our desire to honor God by reaching out to these people with the all changing, lifesafing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



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