Evangelization in the Netherlands

Evangelization in the Netherlands? Is that even necessary, you might think? After all, the Netherlands is a Christian country isn’t it?!  Isn’t evangelisation a necessity for people abroad? 

The Netherlands has been a Christian country. However, the Netherlands has become a mission field over the last couple of years for 3 reasons:


  1. The Netherlands is a multicultural country; people from all over the world and with their own religion live together in one country. These people hardly know the Bible and the message of the Gospel (or even not at all). 

  2. Young people in this country hardly know who Jesus is, what the Bible says and what the true meaning of our Christian holidays is.

  3. The Netherlands is a prosperous country. Many people are busy with their career, materialism and enjoying life, leaving no room for God. 


There is a need in this country, a spiritual need. We want to meet people where they are at with the Gospel. A message of repentance of sin, forgiveness of sin by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and receiving eternal life for those that believe and put their trust in Him. 

This is also an opportunity for us. In the past, missionaries would go to different countries to bring the Gospel. They gave up their whole life for this cause. Now these people live among us. We get to be missionaries in our own country!

Jesus Christ in the only hope for this country. He wants to use us to make His name known to the people.

Will you join us?


Tijdens een evangelisatie actie




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